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What type of business can benefit from Ozone clean

You want to open our doors safely next week!

One business sector currently seeing a surge in sales is chemical and disinfectant manufactures.

Many of these products unfortunately work against everything we believe in, regarding climate change.

So, what are my options, what can I do ?

Just in the past 3 months, we have already supplied our natural OZONE generators to a range of businesses.

AirBNB Apartments, Flats, Houses

Barbers, Boat yards, Bistros, Care Homes, Carpet Cleaners, Cars Cigarette Smoke

Classrooms, Coffee Shops, Cruise Ships, Caravans, Caravan parks, Cleaning companies, Cleaners,

Day Care Centres, Dog kennels, Dormitories , Duct and Carpet Sanitising, Duct Sanitising with Ozone Generator

Dust Mites with Ozone Generators, Fire Damage, Fire Restoration

Flood Damage and Ozone Generator, Food Odours , Flats Homes, Fitness centres, Gymnasiums 

Houses, Hairdressing Salons, Holiday parks , Holiday lodges  

Infection Control, Kindergartens, Kitchens, Laundry Room

Locker Rooms, Mildew, Mould, Motels. Musty smells,Pests, Pubs, Physiotherapy clinics 

Real Estate, Rental Cars, Restaurants, RV’s, Schools, Student Accommodation, Short term Rentals 

Tobacco Odours, Taxi companies, Vehicle Odours, Viruses, CV19, SARs, Water Damage

Caravan parks are capitalising on the benefits of OZONE

Saves Time and Money:

When you invest in a Mountain Fresh Ozone generator it will ensure you maintain sterile sanitised areas which will pay for itself in as little as 3 months, not only will you save hundreds of £££s but after a hard day’s work, you simply flick a switch and can be assured that when you arrive back at your salon/clinic shop the next morning you will enter a Mountain Fresh  Environment.

Even a small business spending just an extra £8 per week on disinfectant and other cleaning products in the next two years will spend nearly £1000

Although this sounds a Magic solution… it is not!

However, it will clean and sanitise the air you breathe and provides a clean fresh sterile area for all staff and customers at a flick of a switch. Saving Time and Money