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What type of business can benefit from an Ozone clean?

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Any business that can benefit from using ozone as part of their cleaning regime. It is fast, powerful and very effective at disinfecting and sanitising the air and surfaces.

As a gas, it gets into all the nooks and cranny’s and any residual ozone that is not used in the cleaning process reverts to oxygen and leaves no toxic residue. This makes it safe for food processing and storage areas and can be used to sanitise groceries like fresh fruit, meat and vegetables.

Due to CV19, one of the few business sectors that witnessed a surge in sales was chemical and disinfectant producers. As we know many of these products work against everything that we believe in, regarding climate change. but what really is the alternative?

A small business spending just an extra £8-£10 per week on disinfectant and other cleaning products in the next two years will spend over ONE THOUSAND POUNDS and have nothing to show for it apart of a few nice smells

Investing in a Mountain Fresh Ozone generator will ensure you maintain sterile sanitised areas which will pay for itself in as little as 3 months, and be environmentally friendly, not only will you save hundreds of £££s, but after a hard day’s work, do you really want to a deep clean or pay for a cleaner?

Why not simply flick a switch and be assured that when you arrive back at your salon/clinic shop the next morning you will  enter a Mountain Fresh  Environment.

The type of businesses already saving time and money

A few of the business that we have supplied to help them reopen safely and with  an Ozone Clean 
Airbnb apartments, Cars drivers, Barbers, Bistros, Maintenance companies, Carpet cleaners Classrooms, Coffee Shops, Cruise Ships, Day Care Centers, Dog Shelters, Dormitories, Flats Homes, Fitness centres, Gymnasiums, Golf clubs, Houses, 100s of Hairdressing Salons,  Infection Control, Kindergartens, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Locker Rooms remember it removes Mildew and Mould smells, Pubs, Physiotherapy clinics,  Real Estate offices, Rental Cars, Restaurants, Cleaning RV’sSchools Student Accommodation, Short term Rentals, Tobacco Odours, Taxi companies. To name but a few.

REVIEW. 24 June 2020

Thank you so much to EnVIRUSafe, by using the Mountain Fresh Ozone machine, we have been able to reopen our clinics considerably faster and provide an ongoing solution for our clients. we was a little stressed before but this has been an amazing solution for our clinics .

It honestly saves at least an hour per day of otherwise further manual cleaning.

Thanks so much, Isobel Fergusson. Elite Performance Therapy