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Ozone, The Most Powerful Disinfectant on the Planet that virtually No One Knows About.

The speed that the COVID-19 virus spread took world by surprise and there is no doubt it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. It has changed the way we live, probably forever.

Every corner of the world has been affected with many millions of people infected. It is imperative that we do all that we can to try and help slow the spread of this disease down.

The pandemic has had people scrambling for effective ways to protect their staff and customers and keep them safe. Primarily this is being achieved through new processes and cleaning regimes which is obviously different for each type of business. One very important thing is to find an efficient way disinfect and sanitise their business.  

Ozone is fast becoming the go-to option and could very well be the best kept secret killer of Coronavirus. There have been numerous scientific studies that has proven that ozone not only kills the coronavirus but over 99% of bacteria, viruses and pathogens in the air as well as on surfaces and objects.

It was also proven to be highly effective against MERS and the SARS outbreak at the beginning of the 2000s, and it can do the same for COVID.

The thing is, apart from food processing companies, brewers, fishing trawlers and water treatment plants very few people have actually heard of or understand just how good ozone sanitisation is.

However, this is changing as more and more people discover just how easy and effective using ozone as part of their cleaning regime is.

What is Ozone?      

Ozone is basically gaseous oxygen with one extra oxygen atom. Ozone can quickly oxidise and destroy organic materials. It begins work instantly destroying the airborne pathogens, bacteria, viruses and mould in seconds.

Ozone is heavier than air and it continues its work as it lands on surfaces and objects in the room including all of those hard to reach and inaccessible places. This is why it can be used very effectively to disinfect and sanitise all sorts of surfaces.

All you need is a machine that generates ozone and we have you covered there.

There are basically 2 different types of ozone generators you can use.

Low Concentration Sanitisers

These produce low levels of ozone and can be used 24/7 continuously sanitising the area that they are installed. These units are ideal for washrooms, toilets, shower blocks, changing rooms hallways and stairwells for example.

High Level Ozone Sanitisers  

These ozone generators are designed to shock a room and can be used in almost any home or work environment. They are used to sanitise and disinfect offices, hotel rooms, reception areas, shops, kitchens, pubs, bars and restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, nurseries and any other area where you need to keep clean and sanitised.  

Once the area has been cleaned down, the ozone sanitising unit is switched on, and the room is vacated. Leaving the ozone to do its job. Once it is finished, between 20 minutes and an hour, (depending on the size of the room) the room is then aired and ready to use.

The Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitising

Methods such as pressure washing are going to be very effective in being able to deep clean your business and soap, water and good old elbow grease are also proven methods of cleaning, though, is not exactly the same thing as sanitising. In this case, the benefits that you can get from using an ozone generator are far better than you are going to be able to achieve with conventional cleaning methods.

When you clean, you have one goal in mind; turn something that looks dirty into something that is sparkling clean. If you are disinfecting or sanitising, you are trying to kill germs and bacteria that live within every surface and object as well as in the air that we breathe. While sanitising an area may not provide results that are easy to see and feel, this process is essential as part of your efforts against Coronavirus.   

Is Ozone Safe To Use?

Ozone has a very distinct smell when a generator produces it; you are most likely going to be able to smell it in the air and know that the ozone generator is doing its job of sanitisation.  

As with any powerful disinfectant, you need to take precautions when using the larger ozone generators. Unlike chlorine or sodium hypochlorite, which can leave toxic residue on your surface’s ozone reverts back to oxygen and, once dissipated, leaves no residue making it entirely safe to use in every area and every type of business.

Should I Be Looking At Ozone As A Viable Way To Combat COVID-19?

Disinfecting your business or home with ozone generators can undoubtedly go a long way in keeping the airspace free of COVID-19. That means you can relax with some of the other measures that you might take to prevent it. Keeping all of the different objects in and around your house clean can also help.

how does ozone kill the covid 19 virus

Using an ozone generator in the right dosage is not going to harm you, your staff or your customers. At the end of the day, we are talking about a low-risk, high reward method that can allow you to sleep better at night.

It is powerful, effective and fast, so using ozone can be a win-win and help you in the fight against coronavirus.   

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