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Ozone, The Strongest Disinfectant On The Planet What is it and How Does It Work

ozone generators

Ozone is a molecule that is made up of three oxygen atoms.

ozone generators

This molecule is a powerful oxidiser with many industrial and consumer applications.

After a thunderstorm, the fresh, clean smell in the air is from ozone produced by lightning. Photocopiers also produce ozone and this is the smell that you get when you have been doing a long run of photocopying.

Ozone sanitises, deodorises and disinfects.

When pollutants like bad smells, bacteria or viruses come in contact with ozone, they are destroyed by oxidation.

Ozone has a lot of application for both residential and industrial uses.

Ozone cannot be stored like other gases because of its half-life properties. It begins to decompose the moment it is produced and this is why it needs to produced on demand in situ by an ozone generator.

Ozone as a Deodoriser

Ozone generators producing very low levels of ozone have been sold as air fresheners, air purifiers and deodorisers in hotel toilets and wash rooms for many years.

Few people are aware of how it does it actually works. They just know it does. What they don’t know is that It works by attacking and killing the bacteria that causes the smells by oxidisation. Ozone can kill bacteria, pathogens and viruses on impact. So, whilst they have been used to remove smells and odours it has in fact also been sanitising and disinfecting these small areas.

Now, with the coronavirus causing havoc around the globe the deodorising effect has become of secondary importance to the fact that it will keep areas free from these harmful viruses and bacteria.

Not only are they used in bathrooms and toilets, they also remove smells from carpets, soft furnishings and clothes. Ozone can be used to kill mould spores and remove the smell of damp after a flood underneath floorboards or in a basement as well as eliminating the odour from smoke damaged rooms after a fire.

Ozone reaches parts other cleaners cannot.

As ozone is a gas that is heavier than air, it can reach areas that other traditional cleaning methods cannot like under floorboards, behind cupboards in the loft space or other restricted spaces and other hard to reach areas. They can be used to remove smells from the car of heavy smoker or one that has had milk , vomit or other nasties spilt underneath the seats or in the boot.

Ozone Used For Water Treatment

Ozone is used extensively in water treatment plants to improving water quality.

It is much more effective than chlorine, less expensive and because ozone is basically oxygen molecules is non toxic and better for the environment than chlorine or other chemicals which have been linked to cancer.

Food preservation

Ozone kills microbes and prevents mould spores growing which helps prolong the shelf life of fresh food.

Unlike using chemicals ozone leaves no chemical residue, does not produce any harmful by priducts and leaves no aftertaste.

By washing fruit and vegetable in ozonised water or subjecting meat to an ozone filled environment will slow down the ageing process and keep the food fresher for longer reducing water through spoilage.

For more details on how ozone can help protect your staff and customers contact us. We will be ahppy to answer any questions or queries that you have and advise you on the best system for your situation.