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Is Ozone A Covid19 Killer?

People are talking about ozone, it seems everyone is talking about the benefits of ozone with some people some calling it the “Covid killer”!

Are they right and is an Ozone Generator the answer to the issues we all face in trying to protect our staff and customers.

Whilst everybody knows that ozone protects the planet and that there is a big hole in it, due to climate change, until recently, very few people had actually heard of ozone generators.

Ozone has been used by industry for many years. It is the second most powerful disinfectant known to man, heat being number one.

It has been used to sterilise and disinfect food processing and water treatment plants on large scale. It is used in large fishing trawlers that are out at sea for weeks on end to prolong the life of the fish.

It is also known for its ability to remove bad smells and odours. Ozone actually destroys the bacteria that makes the smell it doesn’t just mask it like most other cleaners .

As it is a gas and heavier than air, it also gets into every nook and cranny killing all the bacteria which created the smells in the first place.

Cleaning companies and car valeter’s are some of the smaller companies who know and use this technology to great effect.

However, with the challenges that Covid19 has thrown at us businesses are looking for new, faster ways to keep their staff and customers safe while still being able to run their business and provide the products and services in a safe environment.

Is Ozone the Answer?

There is no doubt that ozone is a powerful tool against coronavirus. It has been proven in numerous studies to kill the virus within seconds of coming in contact with it. The use of Ozone generators to sanitise, disinfect and sterilise your business premisis is without doubt an ecellent tool to have in your virus killing armoury.

Ozone as we have already mentioned is a gas that is heavier than air and, if enough ozone is present in the room or the space is exposed to lower amounts of ozone for longer periods of time it will destroy bacteria, viruses and airborne pathogens not just for coronavirus but many others too.

Ozone Versus Fogging

Cleaning companies are offering businesses a fogging service where a disinfectant is sprayed in the room to disinfect the space. The problem with this is that most disinfectant leave a toxic residue and it is questionable how safe they are when used in food storage or processing areas.

Ozone is made up of oxygen particles, 3 of them actually. Once the ozone has done its work it breaks back down into oxygen making it 100% safe in food areas.

Is Ozone Safe?

Compared to other disinfectants yes, it is reasonably safe. It is not a good idea to be in a room where there are high levels of ozone as it can cause sore throats and irritation and with prolonged exposure breathing difficulties. Unlike chlorine and hydrogen peroxide, two other strong disinfectants, there have been no recorded deaths from ozone.

Keeping within the recommended safety limits will ensure that you have no ill affects from ozone and staying out of the room whilst it is being shocked and waiting for it to revert back to oxygen is obviously the main thing.