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Ozone is an extremely effective and an alternative to fogging that can be used to destroy viruses and bacteria from the workplaces like offices, shops, warehouses, Bars Restaurants as well as schools, care homes and hospitals, surgeries etc. It can also be used in the home and residential settings, serviced accommodation, hotels and holiday lettings to help protect your guests.

Ozone has been used for many years in hospitals in Spain, to sanitise operating theatres after use and other wards when an infection has been found. It is also widely used to disinfect and help purify water at sewage plants before being piped back to our homes for drinking.

Since the current Coronavirus / Covid 19 Pandemic, ozone is now being adopted to provide an added layer of protection for staff and customers.

One of the hardest areas to protect are toilets and washrooms, as they tend to be poorly ventilated, and the coronavirus can remain in the air for several hours.

Our mountain breeze range is ideal for use in these spaces where they produce low levels of ozone that is well within recommended safety levels, but enough to sanitise the air, and the surfaces that it touches over time.

Unlike chemical fogging, there is a very low impact, and the only residue after application is oxygen which makes it entirely safe for use in food processing areas and kitchens.

Once you own the generator, there are virtually no running costs and no chemicals to buy, making it a very cost effective system to use.

The ozone is an anti viral that kills off 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from surfaces and within the air, including the Coronavirus, H5N1, and most other viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and mould.

With the low level ozone treatment it is safe to enter the room while the unit is operating, as it provides 24 hour protection and, as we have already mentioned is ideal for toilets, washrooms, communal kitchens and dining areas.

Ozone treatment allows offices and work places to be back up and running within hours of the notification of a positive case of Covid 19 or of symptoms being displayed.

Keep your workspace safe and staff healthy with an ozone generator.